Friday, November 05, 2004

The Wolfie's Big Debute!!


Greetings, one and all--I FINALLY have a journal that isn't going anywhere. WHAT a relief! Okay, first, it was UJournal, then UJournal shut down, and then we moved to AboutMyLife, and then AboutMyLife kinda sucked, so I found Blogger. And HOPEFULLY, this is it--no more moving. Yay.

Anyow, now that we got THAT out of the way, onto...

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World Of Warcraft On My Miiiind...

Yeah, that's right--eat crow, GameStop!! They said this game wouldn't be gracing store shelves until December 8th ... and then we go here and find out ... we'll be getting it November 23, baby!!! Hells yeah, I'ma HAPPY bitch! The only thing that blows big, meaty wolf chunks is the priiiice ... $14.99 a month to feed my addiction, folks. Ouch ... my wallet's gonna be feeling that one ... In any case, there's still Open Beta to look forward to!! Word of mouth says that Open Beta starts as soon as the Final Stress Test finishes. The last one was seven days long, so this one should be about the same, no? I can hardly wait. It'll be aaaaany day now...

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A Pencil! A Pencil! My Kingdom For A Pencil!!

Soon--oh so VERY soon, indeed--I shall have my very own website for my commissioning HQ ... Beyond A Dream Studios!! But in the meantime, you can email me if you're interested in buying some artwork. After all, I needs that money for WoW!! C'mon, people--fund the madness!!! Give to the Let Synwolf Drown In World of Warcraft Foundation--you know you want to! If you do, I might top your commission with a nice big, red cherry! Hmm ... why a cherry would be atop a piece of artwork, I know not ... but if it gets you to buy some art, then hey--a victory in my book. For more info on what I offer and how much it costs, visit my deviantART gallery.

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We're Gonna Paaaarty ... Like It's Your Biiiirthday...

Tonight I'm heading off to a local arcade to watch a DJ Battle Contest! Wheee! Wicked funners, it shall be! Yesh!! Nothing like watching breackdancers having seizures on vinyl flooring and DJs wearing big heavy bling-blings as they mangle odd rap songs no one seems to remember ... all while eating big, greasy, hot dogs--YUM! I know nothing of this odd pagan culture I am to witness tonight, but it's still OH so much fun to see! So much fun, in fact, I washed my mom's car--inside and out--to get the admission money so I could go. What WON'T I do for money ... Ah well--"ye who sacrifices dignity gets all yon moolah", I always say ... Well, not always--actually, I just made that up right now ... but I like it, so I may say it again. So yeah, I'm gonna party with all the ghetto people and stick out like a sore thumb with all my spikes and chains. They'll sniff me out like bloodhounds, I tell you ... Hmm, maybe they need some cherry-flavored artwork...

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And that concludes another episode of...

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Well, with nothing further to report (yet), I bid thee all adieu ... until the 'morrow!!

*paw wavies*

-- Synwolf


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