Monday, November 08, 2004

Busy Yes ... And Busy No...


Hello, greetings, and salutations again, one and all! Had a slightly/slightly not rambunctious last couple of days. I'd tell you, but ... well, that part is better suited for...

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To Step Or Not To Step ... OWW!! Not Step! DEFINITELY Not Step!!!

Anyone ever stub their toe in such a way that your own toenail literally cuts you? Well ... awhile ago, that happened to me. And yet, for some odd reason that still remains unknown, it got horribly infected and even now, it's still VERY swollen, purple, and leaking pus ... After over three weeks...! I've made up my mind already that if this thing doesn't start getting dramatically better within the next two or three days, I'm getting this checked out by a doctor. Seriously. Because this is just ... fuckin' OWW!!

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Warcraft ... Oh, Warcraft ... Where For Art Thou Warcraft...?

This ... is the longest ... stress test ... I have eeeeever seen. We're entering day number nine and it's STILL going. No word yet, whatsoever, as to when the damn thing's gonna finish so the rest of us can have a go at it before it goes retail. Perhaps I speak on the behalf of everyone else who didn't get into any of the other beta phases and continue to wait patiently when I say ... WHAT THE HELL'S TAKING SO DAMN LONG??? WE WANNA PLAAAAY!!! Ugh! This wait is KILLING me! I've been living off sound files, trailers, screenshots, and forums since the FIRST word of this game reached the public. It's not enough anymore, damnth thee--I need MOOOORE!!! If this evil little Open Beta doesn't start between tomorrow or the day after ... I'll officially find a way to hack into the network and steal me an account number! Just watch me!

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And thus ends another exciting installment of...

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Well ... it's past 1 AM, here, and I'm dead tired ... So this is me signing off ... until next time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some sheep to eat ... count--I meant count...

*paw wavies*

-- Synwolf


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