Friday, July 01, 2005

Yes, Dr. Kavorkian? I'd Like To Make An Appointment...

Someone kill me. Someone just fucking kill me. Please.

I really can't fathom my life getting much worse than it is right now. Let us work down the list of things that really suck in my life...

One. I lost my job--again. Yep, believe it. I got ass raped by what I was delusional enough to believe was finally the perfect place for me. Wanna know what did me in? That weak I was sick. Yeah--let's base my employment upon an emergency over which I had no control. They also had the audacity to tell me there were a 'few other issue" that just weren't "workable". The clincher? I was lead to believe everything was PERFECTLY fine, NOTHING was wrong, and I was going to be moving to a FANTASTIC new store. Everything's hunky-dorry. What a fucking heap of crock. I've never felt so damn used. So yeah. Now I'm unemployed with two hungry kittens to feed and take care of. My only saving grace is that I still have around $200 in my bank account and my mate finally had a good-paying job. But my independence is thoroughly fucked now. So goes life. One minute you're on top, the next, you're under it taking it up the ass like a bitch.

Two. I had oral surgery this Wednesday. Yuppers. I had my bottom left wisdom tooth extracted. Now I have 4 stitches in my mouth and I'm dying of pain. On top of that, all of that medical crap they had in my mouth rubbed certain areas of my mouth and throat raw and they turned into big, juicey canker sores. Isn't that fab? So I have this lovely stinging, throbbing, aching wound in my gums that's been sewn shut ... and two burning, stinging, open sores on my left tonsil and the right side of the inside of my lower lip. Fucking joy. I've never been on so many pain meds in my entire life. Meds that aren't doing jack shit. I want to take a sledge hammer to my face right about now.

Three. Some other miscellaneous crap is sticking to me right now. Things I shouldn't mention aloud. The wrong people might come read this ... In any instance, it isn't so much the situation, itself, that's getting to me ... but rather the reason why I had to come to this particular settlement in order to fix it. It's just one more burden on my mind when I'm already feeling like shit. I don't need this. But regardless, it's with me, so it's just another thing I'll have to shut up and take like the whore I am.

All in all, it's just been one thing after another. Never ends. Actually, the other stuff is survivable if I didn't have this infernal agony in my mouth ... There isn't a painkiller strong enough to quell the demons living in there...

Until next blog ... fuck off and die, weeners!

*flipperoo to you*

-- Synwolf

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