Sunday, December 18, 2005

Belated Misery

Well, day before last, I had been meaning to post, so this copy/paste is a bit late...



A sigh of reason
Along the murmur
Of a malevolent love...
Clutched tightly
To the breast
Of a vengeful spirit
Longing for a closure...
A sting of virtue;
Continuously purged...
Like so much infection
Like the bite
Of a savage beast...
Driven deep
Into the plush softness
Of a ravaged innocence;
Stripped of all dignity
By the solitude
Of an ageless torment...
Whispered in tongues
Passed along
In silence
But knowing;
Always knowing...
That never are we ignorant
Can we not feel
The kiss of the lash
Cruel and sensual
Like a virgin rape...
Groped in the darkness
To be discarded...
We wear our blinders
Like a tourniquet
Against the torrent
Of a thousand angry truths...
Love was never so pure
As the sour spittle
Of a rancid romance
Turned bitter on the tongue
Like a foul curse...
We will forever wretch
Upon that we dare not say
Or confess
Shadows are more honest
Than the human word;
A darkness spent in misery
Praying for a light
In a dismal world of conviction...
That we may be soundly judged
Not by the mettle of our integrity
But by the power
Of our lie...


And yes ... there IS a story behind this. One I'd rather not get into....

I'm so ... blegh ... I don't even have the will or desire to vent. *sigh* Maybe next entry.

Later, losers...

-- Synwolf
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