Saturday, April 01, 2006

Life Is A Balance...

Like ashes carried off in the wind, I rise again. Time to update.

I've rediscovered DDR ... in another form. There's a small bowling Alley called Bird Bowl close to where I live that has an In The Groove 2 machine, which is just about DEAD on to DDR. Good songs, great pads, smooth graphics ... it's fab. And it's pretty damn well-priced, with a whopping 4 songs for a buck. So there is, yet, hope for me. I can smell salvation...

So far ... *knocks on wood* ... my thesis about my mother's crash and burn has not come to pass. She actually, in fact seems to be coming out of her stupor, thank goodness. I guess sometimes ... all you need is time. Heh. I should know. All in all, I think she's finally beginning to do far more than merely survive--to thrive.

School is on hold for the moment, because my next set of classes haven't begun yet. In the meantime, going to try and find a loose part-time job to give myself some pocket change on the side. Also keeps me from vegetating around the house. Blegh.

Already making plans for AC, too. June is fast approaching. I can hardly wait ... I've been looking forward to this for years. To finally be in a crowd I can truly be myself in is going to be magical. It's not everyday you can shed your scruples and embrace the beast for 3 full days. God-willing, this will become a yearly thing for me. I can only hope. None-the-less, I'm going this years. And right now ... that's what matters.

Part of me always still has this ... clinging sadness ... yet even still, I'm trying my damndest to remember the positives in my life. I probably torture myself unnecessarily with my mind, but such is my way, I guess.

I read a very powerful sentence the other day that I want to share here:

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

-- Synwolf

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